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30kW DC Electric vehicle charging power module 265~530Vac Input 300~750Vdc Output

30kW DC Electric vehicle charging power module 265~530Vac Input 300~750Vdc Output

30kW DC Electric vehicle charging power module 265~530Vac Input 300~750Vdc Output

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Goldpower
Certification: UL/CE/ROHS/FCC/SGS
Model Number: GPR75040A

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 200pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: 1 unit in 1 colorful box, 6 boxes in one master carton
Delivery Time: 40 working days on payment
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 30,000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Application: Electric Vehicle Input Range: 265~530Vac
Output Range: 300~750Vdc Standard: UL/CE/ROHS/FCC/SGS
Working Temp.: -20~55°C Weight: ≤17.5Kg


30kW DC Electric vehicle charging power module 265~530Vac Input 300~750Vdc Output



Working environment
Parameter Min Typical Max Unit Remarks
Working temp. -20 25 55 °C With certificate compliance
Max operating temp. -40 25 75 °C

Operational at -40°C ~-20°C

Derating at -55 -75°C

RH 5   95 % No condense
Altitude 0   4000 m


Working temp drops 1C per altitude rising 200m


Storage environment
Parameter Min Typical Max Unit Remarks
Storage temp. -40 25 75 °C  
RH. 5   95 %

No condense on surface,

monthly ave. RH<80%



Parameter Min Typical Max Unit Remarks
Phase 3-wire, 3-phase No Neutral
Frequency 45 50 65 Hz  
Voltage range 260 380 530 Vac

Output derating at 304-260Vac

Full output at 304-530Vac

Max voltage     550 Vac Not working, no failure or damage
Max current     66 A Each phase
Power     32 KW @304Vac and full output
Start-up time 3   8 S Time from input start-up to output voltage rises to rated value.
PF >0.99 Rated input, full output
>0.98 Rated input, half output
Current HD THD<5% Rated input, full output
THD<10% Rated input, half output
GND Connected to case


Output #1
Parameter Min Typical Max Unit Remarks
Rated voltage 750 Vdc  
Voltage range 300   750 Vdc With certificate compliance
Max current     40 A With certificate compliance
Voltage regulation -0.5   +0.5 %  


Output #2
Parameter Min Typical Max Unit Remarks
Ripple RMS     1 %  
Ripple peak     1 %  

Dynamic response

recovery time

    200 us  

Dynamic response

over shoot

-0.5   +0.5 %
Max efficiency 95.8     %  
Power     30 KW  
Current sharing unbalance -5   5 % When output current >50%
Stand-by loss     12 W  


Protection against
Parameter Min Typical Max Unit Remarks
Input over current Fuse will burn at protection mode without recovery.
Input over voltage 530     V  
Recovery trigger point     510 V  
Input low voltage     260 V  
Recovery trigger point 280     V  
Overheated 55 60 75 °C

Default 60ºC, tolerance 5ºC,

Auto recovery @ <60ºC

Output short circuit No damage for long time output short circuit
Output over voltage 760 770 780 V Manual restart to recover
Output current limit 47.5 48 48.5 A See fig.1 Max current limit 48A (+/-0.5A), limit point adjustable from 10%~120%
Fan failure Power module stop working if any one single fan stops.


Parameter Remarks
Remote communication To upload and report the protection and error signals from power module to monitor module.(input over/low voltage, output over current and overheated)
Remote testing To display the power module data on front panel screen and report to monitor module.
Remote control To control On/Off following monitor module’s order.
Remote adjustment To adjust the output voltage and current limit following monitor’s order.
BMS communication Automatically communicates with the BMS on EV, finishing the charging process without connecting the monitor module.


Parameter Requirement Standard
ESD Air discharging ±8KV GB/T 17626.2-2006(Criterion A)
Contact discharging ±6KV
RS Frequency: 80MHz~1000MHz, 800MHz~960MHz, 1.4G~2.0GHz, E-field: 10V/m, Width modulation: 80%AM(1KHz) GB/T 17626.2-2006(Criterion A)
EFT/B Power input, and PE: 2KV GB/T 17626.4-2008(Criterion B)
Surge 2KV±10% GB/T 17626.5-2008(Criterion B)
CE A, connectors comply with the voltage limits in diagram 5, NB/T 33001-2010 NB/T 33001-2010
B, Signals and connectors comply with the voltage and current limits in diagram 6, NB/T 33001-2010
RE Comply with limits in diagram 4, NB/T 33001-2010


Parameter Requirement

Sine:5-9Hz, width:3.5mm; frequency 9-200Hz, acc-speed:1G;

3-axis, scan 5 times for ea. Axis. Without packing

Dropping Dropping height 0.10m, drop once for Ea. surface S1, edge E1, E3, angle C1, C2 without packing
Random vibration

5~20Hz: 1.0m2/s3, 20~200Hz: -3Db, Root mean square acceleration=0.781Grms, 3-axis

Test 30 min for each axis


Shock waveform=semi sine-wave, peak acc-speed300m/s2, pulse width=6ms,

6-direction, shock 3 times for each direction, without packing


Impact waveform= semi sine-wave, acc-speed=180m/s2, pulse width= 6ms, direction= 6

100 impacts for each direction


Applying dropping test to Surface x6/angle x1/edge x3, weight ≤15kg, height=100cm,

One drop for each surface

Static Pressure TL=Wt×(S-1)×F×9.8(N) legends: TL=pressure applied/N, Wt=packing mess/kg, S=pile-up layers, S=3/H, F=safety co.e=5, H=packing height/m. Time for pressure applying=2h
Conformity Applying on surface of PCB. Tested @ 24~42℃, 95%RH, 48h, Bacteria proof level 2. Salt-spray proof, tested for 96h
Odor No odor
Derating All components
Lifetime of e-caps 10 years @ 25C ambient, rated input/output
MTBF >250000h, continuous operation time


Parameter Requirement Remarks
Input/output 3535Vdc/10mA//1min @ 1atm, no break-through or arcing within 1min
Input/case 3535Vdc/10mA//1min
Output/case 3535Vdc/10mA//1min


LxWxH See below
Weight ≤17.5Kg

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