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60kw Integrated DC Single or Double Gun Electric Vehicle Charging Station

60kw Integrated DC Single or Double Gun Electric Vehicle Charging Station

60kw Integrated DC Single or Double Gun Electric Vehicle Charging Station

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Goldpower
Certification: CE
Model Number: GPEV60-AA750-S2

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: 1 unit in 1 colorful box
Delivery Time: 40 working days on payment
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 30,000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Application: Electric Vehicle Input Range: 295-437Vac
Output Power: 60 KW Standard: GB/T
DC Output Voltage: 300-750Vdc Altitude: Max 2000m

60kw Integrated DC Single or Double Gun Electric Vehicle Charging Station



  1. Designed with double guns, the maximum output power charging with single gun is 60KW, and each output power is 30KW while charging with two guns.
  2. Using high-performance ARM chip control,4.3-inch true color LCD touch screen, easy to achieve human-machine information exchange.
  3. With perfect protective function: input over/under-voltage protection, output overcurrent protection, output over voltage protection, output short circuit protection, over temperature protection, battery anti-reverse protection, insulation detection protection, emergency stop protection.
  4. The charging rectifier module adopts bridgelessPFC technology and LLC resonant soft-switching technology, the efficiency can be up to 96% or more.
  5. The charging rectifier module adopts active power factor compensation technology, the power factorcan be up to 0.99.
  6. Perfect AC side lightning protection design, to adapt to the thunderstorm areas.
  7. Safe and reliable.Charging pressure level, insulation class and EMC of the charger comply to relative requirements as per NB/T 33001-2010 "Electric vehicle non-on-boardconductive charger technology condition",and designedaccording to part of function as per "Typical design of EVSE"
  8. The design level of dustproof and waterproof up to level IP54 to meet the outdoor installationusing requirements.

System Statements

1.1 GPEV60-AA750-S2System Configuration
The charger GPEV60-AA750-S2 consists of outdoor cabinet, HMI, billing unit, power distribution unit, monitoring module and charging rectifier module. Specific matching module refers to following table:

Rectifier module Optional Max. number Distribution Monitoring Module Remark

GPR75020A 4pcs AC input:
3-phase 5wires,125A/4Pbreaker;
Anti-lightning:3-phase C pole;
DC output:
Dual guns output, themaximum output current with single gun is 80A(DC+,DC-),each gun the max. current is 40A.
EV auxiliary power supply:
12V10A/24V 5A(A+,A-)
NE70032 See the
specifications of
the modulefor
more detailed

1.2 Operating principle of GPEV60-AA750-S2 C
The charger adopts 3phase 5wires input, through the input breaker QFA1, into the charging rectifier module and auxiliary power supply module, the auxiliary power supply module provides auxiliary voltage (A +, A -)for the electric vehicle, C-class lightning protection device in parallel the rectifier module input port, to provide rated 20KA discharge current AC lightning protection.

The charging rectifier module converts the 3phase AC to HVDC and connects to the DC power distribution unit. According to the capacity requirements of the charger, the number of charging rectifier modules is optional.

2. DC power distribution unit will connect the DC output and electric vehicle charging interfacethrough the charging gun, so as to charge the electric car. The DC charger consists of the monitoring system and at most 2charging rectifier modules and monitoring HMI.The maximum output power is 60KW, output voltage is adjustable300Vdc~750Vdc.
3. There are two charging modes of the DC charger with double guns, the charger will detect single gun output or double guns output before conformed to charge in every start time, and then distribute the charging power according to the state.
A. Single gun charging mode:
When a single charging gun is connected to the vehicle, the charger defaults to a single-gun charging mode, at this time, only the gun 1 or the gun 2 is separately charging. In the single-gun charging mode, the maximum charging current of a single gun can reach to 80A and the maximum output power is 60KW, turn off the other charging gun that not connected to the vehicle while charging.
B. Double gun charging mode:
When the electric car into a single gun charging mode, the other charging gun follow-up access case, the charger automatically converted to double gun charging mode, then the maximum charging current of two guns can only output 40A, the maximum output power is 30KW .

  1. Specifications of the charger
Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Unit Remark
Operating temperature range -20 25 50 °C Certificated in this temperature range
Extreme limit operating
Temperature range
-40 25 55 °C -40°C ~-20°can be started with load,
extended temperature:50 -55°C,
The module outputs linearly at 4% / ° C
Relative humidity 5   95 % No condensation on the surface
Altitude 0   2000 m  
Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Unit Remark
Input mode 3-Phase, 5 Wire(3Ph+N+E) Note: the charger rectifier module without midcourt line
Nominal input voltage range 323 380 437 Vac Nominal voltage, certified within this voltage range
Input operating voltage range 295 380 437 Vac The input voltage 315-265Vac is linearly reduced from 15KW to 5KW by 2% / V
Max. input voltage     450 Vac The module could not work but can't be damaged under this input voltage
Max. input current     120 A Low voltage full load ,each phase
Max. input power     66 KVA Input 323Vac,output full load.
Soft start time 3   8 S The nominal input voltage range rises to the set value of the output voltage.
Power factor >0.98 Rated input, full load output
>0.97 Rated input, half load output
Input current harmonic THD<5% Rated input, full load output
THD<10% Rated input, half load output
Grounding method Protective ground to the power supply case
Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Unit Remark
Rated output voltage 750 Vdc  
Rated output voltage range 300   750 Vdc Certificated in this output voltage range
Rated output current 4   80 A Single gun charging mode,gun1 or gun2 output
2   40 A Double gun charging mode,gun1 or gun2 output
Rated output power     60 KW  
Stabilized voltage precision -0.5   +0.5 %  
Stabilized current precision -1   +1 %  
Ripple peak to peak     1 %  
Ripple effective value     0.5 %  
Dynamic response
-0.5   +0.5 %  
Efficiency     95.8 %  
Noise     65 dB(A)  
Current-sharing -5   5 % Tested when the output current more than 50%
Cooling Forced air cooling
Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Unit Remark
Input over current
With input over current protection function, the input circuit breaker trip during protection.
Input over voltage
455   465 V  
Input over voltage
Protection recovery
445   455 V  
Input under voltage
250   264 V  
Input under voltage
protection recovery
280   305 V  
Module over temp.
  56   °C Auto recovery after the module temperature is reduced,
Output over voltage
765   785 V Overvoltage locked, the module re-unlocked
Output over current
    84 A Over current, or constant current
Output short circuit
With short circuit protective function
Fan failure protection Any fan failure corresponding to the power module no output.
Battery anti-reverse
When the output charging battery is reversed, the system has no output
Insulation detection With insulation detection protection function.
System abnormal
During the charging process, in an emergency (such as starting the emergency stop switch, communication failure with the electric vehicle battery management system, control guidance failure, etc.), the charger should immediately disconnect the output contactor, and through the discharge circuit within 1S the charge interface voltage drops below 60VDC.
Other requirements
Parameter Min. Typ. Max. Unit Remark
Output current error -1   1 %  
Output voltage error -0.5   0.5 %  
DC meter error   0.5   Level  
Low voltage auxiliary power supply   24±5%   Vdc Optional output 10A
  12±5%   Vdc Optional output 10A
Charging cable length   5 10 m Optional length(exclude the length of the gun)
Charging gun interface Comply to the latest national requirements of GB/T20234.3-2015
Parameter Requirement Remark
Input-output 3535Vdc/10mA//1min Remove the charging rectifier module, auxiliary power module and monitoring module while testing. No breakdown
and arcingwithin 1 minute under
normal atmospheric pressure
Input-earth 3535Vdc/10mA//1min
Output-earth 2121Vdc/10mA//1min
Insulation resistance Under normal atmospheric pressure, the relative humidity ≤ 90% of the environment, between the charged circuit and the charged circuit between the ground at 1000VDC voltage insulation resistance is no less than 10MΩ.


Parameter Requirement Reference standard
ESD Air discharge±8KV GB/T 17626.2-2006(according to A)
Contact discharge±6KV
RS Test frequency:80MHz~1000MHz;
Electric field strength:10V/m;

Amplitude modulation:80%AM(1KHz)
GB/T 17626.2-2006(according to A)
EFT/B Power supply port, PE:2KV GB/T 17626.4-2008(according to B)
SURGE 2KV±10% GB/T 17626.5-2008(according to B)
CE Comply to the requirement of of NB/T33001-2010 GB9254,NB/T33001-2010
RE Comply to the requirement of of NB/T33001-2010 GB9254,NB/T33001-2010
Dimension (W×D×H)500 mm×620 mm×900mm
Weight ≤90Kg(including modules)
60kw Integrated DC Single or Double Gun Electric Vehicle Charging Station









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